Attracting Abundance, Part 5

San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, MexicoAbundance is Already Yours.

Quantum Physics teaches us that linear time is an illusion. Many on the cutting edge of science, as well as those in the areas of metaphysics and religion, say that everything that ever happened or will happen is still happening. Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds interpretation posits, in a nutshell, that anything that could happen, has, will and is – in different aspects of the universe.

I know, it blows my mind, too. I can’t really think about it for too long before I just want to take a nap. But I still think it’s a useful principle in the art of manifesting abundance. To wit: on some level of reality, we already have and are exactly what we envision. All we need to do is shift our perception.

Easier said than done, right, but so what? You got anything better to do than try to manifest your heart’s greatest desires? Reruns of Seinfeld, anyone? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Now, I’m not claiming to be a master at any of this (except that, in some dimension of reality, I am :)) Seriously, I’m not even sure what I’ve gotten myself into, writing these posts, but somehow I just can’t stop. All I can say for sure is that I have conjured and manifested a few fun things in my life so far, and I’m up for the challenge of going for the big enchilada. Are you with me?

All I know is that I once I started trusting in the universe to provide for me, I stopped feeling stressed. Mind you, this was in 2007, economy crashing, my husband and I both unemployed, like millions of others, no idea how the next month’s bills would get paid. We were trying everything and anything, throwing ideas against the wall to see what would stick. I think we started about 10 micro-businesses all at once.

After about six months of this, worrying myself sick, I noticed that we actually were surviving. A job here, a job there.  I also noticed that worrying didn’t actually improve anything. Like smoking, worrying stinks up your environment and will give you cancer if you keep it up long enough. So I quit.

Worry – Bad; Problem Solving – Good; Prayer, meditation and listening – best

It was about that time that I started asking clearly (and loudly, like a crazy woman, while walking on the beach) for guidance. The “What the Hell Is My Purpose Here” kind of guidance. The answer I got was: writing.

I already had Master’s in Creative Writing but I’d put my writing on the back burner for years while I’d started a photography business. After I moved to the west coast, I had thought photography would be the most logical way to continue making my living… but no. Not in 2007, or 2008. Not in California.

So, fine. My six months of worrying and trying to push the river had not gotten me anywhere, so I decided to listen and start writing again, despite having no idea how that would lead to gainful employment. And write, I did – every day. I became a love warrior writing banshee. I got happy and energized. And once I got happy and energized for long enough, I knew I wanted to help others. This evolved into becoming an editor and starting to teach again. And now, this blog.

So, my lesson was that starting with need, lack, or fear will lead you astray. Leading with the head, with what you think should work, can also lead to lots of dead ends and frustration, if you force it.

There is a time for logical, strategic thinking, but it’s not at conception. It seems to work best in conjunction with intuition, and in service to the heart. The real abundance, including money, fun, and soul-satisfaction, comes along with that flow.

As normal humans with a limited ability to perceive a limitless reality, we have to take a lot on faith. But, still, my intuition tells me that the quantum physicists have it right; that we already are what we love. The abundance that we know in our bones is rightfully ours, IS. We just need to claim it.


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