Beautiful Baja

I’m Back…with News!

2018 Update Baja Magic Lodge (and Cedros Outdoor Adventures) are still going strong (original post below). This is the business that funds my life as a writer and editor, takes me Mexico for half the year, allows me to interact happily people from a very different culture (Cedros Island, where we employ about 15-20 people during the season, which is […] Read more »

San Antonio Necua & the Kumiai People of Baja California

I recently visited San Antonio Necua, a community about two hours southeast of San Diego in Baja California, Mexico. This village is home to approximately 200 of the 600 living members of the Kumiai tribe. The Kumiai are indigenous to Baja California and California, and their culture goes back in this region for at least […] Read more »

Punta Banda Estuary and Hot Springs

Punta Banda Estero Seen from Hills

South of Ensenada, on the road to the world-famous blowhole known as La Bufadora, there are some lesser-known delights often overlooked by tourists and even locals. A large portion of the pueblo of Punta Banda consists of a five-mile sandbar extending between Todos Santos Bay and El Estero de Punta Banda. This estuary, and the […] Read more »

Friendly Whale Encounters in Baja California Sur

Baby gray whale spying at San Ignacio, Baja California Sur

Who’s Watching Whom? January through early April is the height of the whale-watching season in Baja California.  During this time, some Pacific gray whales mate, while others return to give birth in shallow coastal lagoons. Even more remarkably, some of the whales exhibit a behavior seldom seen among wild animals: they actively seek interaction with […] Read more »