Attracting Abundance, Part 2

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Five ways we block our own abundance.


1.) You’re simply in the habit of vibrating on the level of lack, want, frustration, etc.

If this is the case, the daily visualization in part 1 should help you change your vibration, once you really tap into that feeling of abundance. It’s a muscle like any other, build it with patience.

2.) You’re subconsciously keeping yourself in a state of lack because you have a lesson to learn from this.

Ask yourself, what is my lesson here? And then really listen to the answer. Embrace it, internalize it, take responsibility, and act accordingly. For example, maybe you don’t have money right now because you are not in a job that is in alignment with your higher purpose and you need to make a change. Or maybe your spiritual path is to be growing your own food and poverty is helping nudge you in that direction, or you need to learn compassion for those in poverty so you won’t be a jerk once you have everything you want. The lesson could be anything. You might not like it, you may not want to look at it, but as long as you resist, you will be stuck.

3.) You’re afraid of the freedom or responsibility that having money brings

Living in a state of full abundance means that you are freed from acting and reacting simply because you need money. On the surface this sounds great, but we fear change. Many people would feel lost without this worry and concern that they’ve had all their lives.

Having plenty of money can bring additional responsibilities, both financial and emotional. If you don’t have to worry about money, you might actually have to get on with pursuing your higher purpose. Oh, no! If this is true for you, be gentle with yourself. Meditate on your fears, write them down, examine them, make friends with them. Every demon holds a gift.

4.) You’re afraid of being corrupted by money…

Either because of how it is used by others, or by how you misused it in the past.  Accept that money is not the enemy. It is just a form of energy. Obviously you don’t want to love it too much or invest it with properties it doesn’t possess, but like electricity, or any energy, it can be damn useful. So make friends with any form of abundance that you might need, including money. If you misused money in the past, meditate on why and how. Get really clear about the lessons you learned, and how you’ve changed since then. Forgive yourself.

Now affirm at the deepest, soul-level that you will use your abundance for the highest good of all, to the best of your ability.

5.) You think there is a limited amount of abundance to go around. If you have it, you are depriving someone else.

This is one of the great myths of our culture, in my opinion. The truth is that your abundance does not detract from anyone else’s, unless you are a greedy hoarder (if you think you might be, see #4). This can undermine us until we go to that deep level and replace the message of limitation and fear with one of abundance and love. Every being on earth deserves abundance, and the more we have, the more we can help.

And this is a good thing.

What Do You Think?

Which of these reasons do you relate to?

Can you think of any other blocks to abundance,  and how can we overcome them?

Do you agree that we are often our own worst enemy?

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