Attracting Abundance, Part 3

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It’s been a week since I started writing about attracting abundance. It started as emails to just a few friends, because I want to see them prosper in body and spirit. It was not on this blog, because I hadn’t started it yet.

Then we decided to visualize and pray for abundance for each other, because the power of intention is stronger in a group.

So, I started to think about what abundance I wanted to attract. Money is not an issue for me, as I have a steady stream of editing clients. But I do want more readers for my fiction, now that I’ve decided to become an indy author.

Immediately, I got the message, THE BLOG IS THE THING.

Now, this was f*&%#@ hilarious! I’d thought about blogging a lot. Had researched it and mulled it over. And I HATED the idea. Not for other people, you understand. For me. I’d been hating it ever since my very smart friend Mary Boyes suggested (about four years ago) that I needed one.

I knew she was right, but the idea sent me screaming into the hills. I was too busy, too private, it would take too much time away from my fiction writing, I was interested in too many things to ever make a coherent blog. Have I mentioned I didn’t like the idea?

But yet, a few months ago, I did ask my friend Rowan to build a blog for me. Kind of the way you would ask someone to take out the garbage. Not something you want to look at too closely, certainly not something you want to do yourself, but you know it needs to be done.

It happened like this.

Rowan: I need to make money. Me: you should build websites because you have a kick-ass background in software design at Nike, and you could be working for yourself and making decent money instead of working for $3 an hour (Mexican wages).

I swear there was no self-interest involved in this suggestion at the time. I really just wanted her to be happy. Flash forward to a few weeks later. I had done some favor for Rowan, and she said something along the lines of “You are such a good friend, just tell me anytime I can help you, anything, please!”

Aha! The light bulb went off. “You can build me a blog,” says crafty I. “That would be the most awesome thing you could ever do for me because otherwise I will fart around for another four years, knowing I need one, and having a level minus-10-level inclination to start.”

“Oh my God, I would LOVE to build you a blog!” said Rowan (she talks like just like that, I swear.) And she meant it. Because she loves me, and because it would help her build her resume.

So, in retrospect you could say the Attracting Abundance project started months ago, with a couple of friends just helping each other in the most organic way. And once I started meditating for abundance (again with friends), there it was, waiting. And the best part is, suddenly, all the fear and resistance and confusion fell away.

Not only that, I got excited and happy. I’m waking up in the middle of the night with ideas and can’t wait to write posts. The Abundance Project is why I have this blog up and running right now, and I’m writing about it on the blog. Kind of a nice, circular pattern, isn’t it? Like a snake swallowing its own tail.

Hence, my very enthusiastic suggestion for today’s post on attracting abundance is to connect with your tribe. It could be your family, friends, co-workers, even like-minded people you met online. You know it when you feel it.

Find out what others in your tribe are trying to manifest, and share your challenges and dreams with them. Help them, and open yourself to receive help, too. This exchange of energies could be an important step in you becoming the spirit-driven, abundance-attracting, all-around fabulous person you came to this planet to be.

If our very small, not-random-at-all sampling is any indication, this kind of group dynamic works fast, too. All of us saw the seeds of abundance sprouting in the past week, almost as soon as we started. One of us decided to start a new business and set the wheels in motion; freelancers had jobs fall into their laps; worrisome work tasks were replaced by healthy, enjoyable ones. We all felt a clear shift toward being more energized, clear and focused.

I’ll talk more about being of service in my next post, but in the meantime, I’d like to know, have you had any serendipitous or surprising experiences where you set out to help someone else and got something even better in return?

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