Leah Lamb Tells Medicine Stories

Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Rewrite, Reclaim and Recreate the Story of Your Life?

Medicine stories by Leah Lamb

image courtesy of www.medicinestories.com

This is the question posed by storyteller and activist Leah Lamb. She is launching a new old kind of storytelling project this week at www.medicinestories.com.

According to the website, “A medicine story is a one-of-a-kind story designed to bring a deeper comprehension and reflection, and offers a shift in consciousness. It’s ingredients are simple: spirit, mythology, archetypes, humor and irreverence.”

Lamb says “We are all running conscious and unconscious stories in our lives. Through intuition I’m tapping into that person’s narrative. From that process I create a story, which the person can use as a tool for seeing where they are.”

She likens the process to reading tarot cards, in the way that archetypes (the cards) selected at random can combine serendipitously to create a glimpse into an individual’s psyche, tapping the collective unconscious to show us ourselves through the mirror of story.

Of course, the idea of stories as medicine, as healing and teaching tools, is as old as story itself. Lamb has put a modern spin on these traditions, where stories are told in small groups or one on one, each tale chosen carefully for the needs of the listener sitting across the room.

Leah Lamb, image courtesy of www.medicinestories.com

Leah Lamb, image courtesy of www.medicinestories.com

Although Lamb offers her medicine stories in a modern format via her website, there is an intimacy to a story written just for you, the flicker of firelight and a whiff of woodsmoke. And something thought-provoking and thrilling about pulling back the mask and getting a glimpse of the archetypes at work in your own life.

To get your own original archetypal story (or one for a friend) visit www.medicinestories.com.

Leah Lamb is a writer, storyteller, producer, and lover of wilderness. She blogs on occasion for Huffington Post and at her environmental storytelling website, My Planet.