Attracting Abundance, Part 4

Amber Dawn Yoga on the beach in Baja California Punta Banda Mexico

Be a Love Warrior. Another great way to attract abundance is to spread some love around, whether to the world, your community, your tribe, or the homeless guy on the corner. Not begrudgingly, because it’s your job, or your kid, or you’ve been programmed that such and such is the right thing to do. What’s […] Read more »

Attracting Abundance, Part 3

San Ignacio kids

Connect with Your Tribe It’s been a week since I started writing about attracting abundance. It started as emails to just a few friends, because I want to see them prosper in body and spirit. It was not on this blog, because I hadn’t started it yet. Then we decided to visualize and pray for […] Read more »

Punta Banda Estuary and Hot Springs

Punta Banda Estero Seen from Hills

South of Ensenada, on the road to the world-famous blowhole known as La Bufadora, there are some lesser-known delights often overlooked by tourists and even locals. A large portion of the pueblo of Punta Banda consists of a five-mile sandbar extending between Todos Santos Bay and El Estero de Punta Banda. This estuary, and the […] Read more »

Friendly Whale Encounters in Baja California Sur

Baby gray whale spying at San Ignacio, Baja California Sur

Who’s Watching Whom? January through early April is the height of the whale-watching season in Baja California.  During this time, some Pacific gray whales mate, while others return to give birth in shallow coastal lagoons. Even more remarkably, some of the whales exhibit a behavior seldom seen among wild animals: they actively seek interaction with […] Read more »

Attracting Abundance, Part 2

Mexican God statue

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Five ways we block our own abundance.   1.) You’re simply in the habit of vibrating on the level of lack, want, frustration, etc. If this is the case, the daily visualization in part 1 should help you change your vibration, once you really tap into that feeling of […] Read more »

Attracting Abundance, Part 1

buddha flower-web

Ask, Listen, Visualize, Feel There is a book out there called The Law of Attraction that may or may not espouse similar ideas to those I’m presenting here. I don’t know because I haven’t read it. Normally, I am a big advocate of research, but there is a time for research and a time for […] Read more »